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Improvers for the month... :-

  • Gerhard N’ gains his ‘D’ Indoor Classification

  • Daniel H’, Mike R’ gains his ‘E’ Indoor Classification

  • Christian L’, Trevor H’, Stuart H’, Sarah D’, Sarah I’, Gerhard N & Caz’ P’ improve their Indoor H/C scores

Congratulations to Sarah I’ for coming 2nd in the U18 category at the XVII British Barebow Indoor Championships. Excellent shooting gained her a great score and a shiny Silver medal. Click >here< to see all the scores from this prestigious tournament.

Interesting reading for Archers :-

  • The Etiquette Page >HERE<

  • The Rules of Shooting >HERE<

  • The Field Captain’s duties (the only person on the field who can say When to Shoot and When to Collect) > see below<


    The Field captain is responsible for the safe and orderly conduct of shooting.

    The appointed field captain will be responsible for giving ‘Audible’ signals to indicate archers may proceed to shoot or collect.


    BEFORE giving the signal to shoot the field captain must visually check the field to ensure no archers are still collecting arrows or that any other dangers are present on the field. (reminder: ANY archer can shout FAST at any time If they notice a danger on the field - ALL archers must then remove arrows from their bows)


    BEFORE giving the signal to collect the field captain must ensure no-one is still on the shooting line.


    The field captain has the authority to remind archers to vacate the shooting line unless they are shooting, or coaching another archer. They should also remind archers who are not shooting that they should be behind the waiting line.


    The field captain has discretion to limit lost arrow finding time to a reasonable amount to ensure the session continues at a decent pace


    To avoid confusion there must only ever be one field captain at any one time, ideally the same person for the whole session.

     The field captain can transfer duties to another trained archer if they need to, but ideally this should be announced to ensure everyone knows who is now in charge of the field.

  • Postal Portsmouth - Friday 7th December

  • Postal Frostbite - Sunday 9th December


Improvers for the month... :-

  • John H’ gains his 1st Class Classification

  • Gwyn S’ gains his 3rd Class Classification

  • Theo G’ & Umberto S’ gain their Archer Classifications

  • Mathew W’ gains his Indoor ‘D’ Classification

  • Gerhard N’, Chris O’, Christian L’, Mathew W’ & Drew M’ gain their ‘E’ Indoor Classifications

  • Mike R’, Chris O’, Trevor H’ & Stephen D’ gain their Indoor ‘F’ Classifications

  • Wendy W’, Edith M’ & Sam R’ improve their Outdoor H/C score for Barebow

  • Kate P’, Christian L’, Chris O’, Gerhard N, Daniel H’, Caz’ P’, Mathew W’, Trevor H’ & Stephen D’ improve their Indoor H/C scores

Some results have been received for the November Frostbite and Portsmouth postal leagues.

Good news for some…. Bad news for others,,,,, Nail-biting nervous wait for the rest as their results haven’t been released yet.

Head to the >> POSTAL LEAGUE PAGE << to see all the latest.

Well done to Sarah I’ for gaining her Junior Master Bowman Classification. The top award Junior archers can achieve. Here is a picture now that ArcheryGB has finally awarded her with her classification badge.

More information about this badge and all classification badges can be found >> HERE <<

JMB sarah I.JPG
jmb sarah I2.JPG




and keep your arrows in your case or bag until you are on the field !


The November Winter Postal shoots of the season have been shot, and all the team information so far can be found ,unsurprisingly, on the >> POSTAL PAGE << for both the Frostbite league and the Portsmouth league.
You can also find a full video rundown of all positions in the grand scheme of winter postal things by clicking the pictures below. (Blue for Frostbite and Red for Portsmouth)


During the summer outdoor season 17 Castle Bowmen archers broke a total of 66 club records with their magnificent shooting. Achievement Certificates will be awarded in due course.


hosted by CASTLE BOWMEN for the 13th year running

>> for entry form click here <<


Improvers for the month... :-

  • Mark H’ has gained his ‘D’ Indoor Classification

  • Kate P’ & Mark H’ have gained their Indoor ‘E’ Classifications

  • Wendy W’, Sarah D’ and Stephen D’ all improved their Indoor H/C score


hosted by CASTLE BOWMEN for the 13th year running

>> for entry form click here <<


halloween shoot up date .jpg

Spooky Halloween shooting

26-10-18 - St Teilos indoors - Ghost Hunting

28-10-18 - At the Field - Pumpkin Shooting

Normal ? shooting will also occur (depending on your definition of normal)

ArcheryGB have released the final 2018 UK rankings list, and Castle Bowmen feature.

So out of 44,000 archers in the UK we have:-

  • Lady Barebow - Caroline P' = 36th

  • Lady Barebow - Sarah I’ = 65th

  • Gent Barebow - Karl C’ = 27th

  • Gent Barebow - Andrew P’ = 80th

  • Lady Recurve - Wendy W’ = 257th

  • Gent Recurve - Steve C’ = 350th

  • Gent Recurve - Rick S’ = 223rd

  • Gent Recurve - Mike Wo’ = 143rd

  • Notification from the Postal Guardian...…
    ’The provisional final tables for the summer postal league is in and it can be confirmed that 4 out of the 7 teams entered WON their divisions! Badges are being sent out the week beginning the 22nd Oct.....to be awarded to the members of the winning teams soon after....’

Well done to all Castle Bowmen archers who competed in the 7th Annual Team H2H shoot.

Lots of good shooting, better than expected weather and plenty of cakes made the tournament lots of fun for all, Plus the unveiling of Castle Bowmen’s new flags.

Kathy C’ & Sarah I’ now add their names to the growing list of Champions for this event. Steve C’, Drew M’ and Wendy W’ also picked up winners medals.

The much coveted Wooden Spoon trophies (created by Stuart H’ especially for this competition) this year goes to Caz’ P’ & Gerhard N’.

below is a photo of all the champions

Team H2h 2018e2.png

The final Welsh Rankings for 2018 have been announced and Castle Bowmen has performed more than admirably. 15 of Castle Bowmen’s best archers feature in this list of the best in the country.

Standout results from everyone but especially from the Barebows to give us the best in Wales

  • Lady Barebow-

  • Caz P’ at number 1 in Wales

  • Sarah I’ at number 2

  • Kathy C’ at number 3

  • Sarah R’ at number 4


  • Gent Barebow-

  • Karl C’ at number 2

  • Andrew P’ at number 3 

  • Chris O’ at number 30


  • Gent Longbow-

  • Alan G’ at number 9


  • Lady Recurve-

  • Michelle W’ at number 10

  • Wendy W’ at number 11

  • Gent Recurve-

  • Mike Wo’ at number 8

  • Rick S’ at number 16 

  • Steve C’ at number 17 

  • Shaun T’ at number 28

  • Mike Bar’ at number 30

Click >> HERE << to find the full list of Castle Bowmen archers featuring in the Welsh Rankings over the years.

REMEMBER - We are now into our Winter Shooting Schedule, which means:-

  • OUTDOOR - Sunday Morning Shooting continues unchanged (9am to set up & approx’ 12-12.30pm to pack away).

  • INDOOR - Friday evening at St Teilo’s School (7pm - 9pm)

  • INDOOR - Sunday Afternoon at St David’s College (3pm - 6pm)

Indoor Target fee’s will apply


Improvers for the month... :-

  • Chris O' gains his Bowman Classification for Barebow

  • Kathy C’ gains her 1st Class Longbow Classification

  • Mark H’ & Mathew W' gain their 1st Class Barebow Classifications

  • Kate P' gains her 2nd Class Barebow Classification

  • Will W’ & Mike R’ gain their Archer Classifications

  • Caz’ P’, Mark L’, Terry C, Daniel H’, Karl C’, Mathew W', Chris O', Seb' J' and Drew M' all improve their H/C scores


The first Winter Postal shoot of the season has been shot and you can find all the teams (A-G) on the >>POSTAL PAGE<<

You can also find a

Congratulations to Sarah I’ and Karl C’ for becoming the latest Welsh Champions for 2018.

Despite the wet and windy day Rick S’, Steve C’, Karl C’ and Sarah I’ made the trek to the 2018 Welsh open Championships.

In their own words Rick and Steve “shot as expected”, but at the end of the day Karl had come top of the Gent Barebows to take Gold and the title, and Sarah triumphed once again to take the Welsh Junior Lady Barebow champion title for the 3rd year in a row, the Gold and most importantly shot awesomely to get the score needed to become the newest of Castle Bowmen’s Master Bowman.

barebow team inter counties 2018.jpg

  • The 2018 Welsh Archery Association Inter-Counties tournament …(weather = wet and cold)

The WAA Inter-counties tournament is an annual event that pits the best archers from across all the Welsh counties against each other to find the greatest in the land.

Glamorgan Archery Association put out a call for all the finest archers across the county to gather at this event to uphold the honour of this small part of Wales.

At first the outlook was bleak…. things were looking bad…. what could be done ?

Then… out of the rain and mist, and drizzle, and cold, and damp… came Castle Bowmen ….. striding in slow motion across the fields like the goddamn heroes they are to save the day (well a little bit of the day, not the whole day).

Caz’ P, Kathy C’, Chris O’ & Andrew P’ (Barebow Team), Alan G’ & Wendy W’ (Longbow Team), Mike Wo’ & Michelle W’ (Recurve Team) and Sarah I’ (Junior Barebow Team) truly battled with the elements, fighting extreme cold, driving rain, unforgiving wind and quite a lot of mud they shot the best they could in the conditions.

In the end the battle for county supremacy was lost by a single point to Gwent, bringing the total wins between them and Glamorgan over the years to a tie.

But the mighty Castle Bowmen Barebows (pictured above) were victorious in winning their category by a significant margin. Thus proving the ancient saying correct - that fortitude, teamwork, diligent practice, extreme dedication and plenty of bacon and eggs for breakfast doth a champion make.

The 2018 world famous Cambria Bowmen BBQ shoot was as magnificent as always, and this year it was in the pouring rain. This didn’t stop the intrepid Castle Bowmen heroes from competing in the drizzle, shooting awesomely, and taking home plenty of shiny bling.

10 Castle Bowmen entered : 10 medals, 4 county records, 4 Welsh records, 1 unofficial UK record and 2 raffle prizes were taken away at the end of the day.

Sarah I’, beating the gent recurves in her round, took Gold on the Windsor round for Lady Barebows along with County and Welsh records.

Michelle W’, for the Lady Recurves on the Albion round, took home a Gold.

Caz’ P’, also on the Albion round, took Gold plus County and Welsh records.

Rick S’, for the Gent Recurves, took Silver on the Albion round.

On the St George round Chris O’ took Gold for the Gent Barebows.

Alan G’, for the Gent Longbows took Silver on the St George round.

Wendy W’, on the St George Round, took Gold for the Lady Recurves, beating her own County and Welsh Records.

Kathy C’, also on the St George round also took County and Welsh records and a Gold medal.

Kathy also broke the UK record for a Lady Barebow shooting the round.

and finally on the St George round for the Gent Recurves Mike Wo’ took Gold and a Trophy with Steve C’ taking the Bronze.

BBQ shoot champions 2018.jpg

Congratulations to Sarah I’ for once again taking Gold for the Lady Barebows at the West Midlands Archery Society Open Junior Championships, with another Master Bowman score as well.

The Summer Longbow Postal Season is over for another year and we won't know the official results of how the teams have done for some time. So in the meantime here are the best 5 scores of the Season.


  • Alan G'  244

  • Stuart H'   238

  • Andrew P'  193

  • Wendy W'  169

  • Mike Wi'  168




A message from Postal League Guardian Katie:

"Hello archers! It's postal this Sunday for the longbows so feel free to pop down B&Q to buy a piece of 2 x 2 and join in! As it's postal day......there will be cake and we will be trialling the provision of tea/ coffee.....so bring a mug if you would like a cuppa!" (Tea & Cake is for all, not just Longbows)



At the Gwent Championships in Chepstow this year the weather was very warm but with very little wind, which was good news for Castle Bowmen's Rick S', Wendy W', Mike Wo' and Sarah I' who were competing.

Sarah won the day by taking Gold as top Junior Lady Barebow Visitor for the Metric 1 round (with a magnificent Junior Master Bowmen score) and Mike Wo' took 3rd place for the Gent Recurve Visitors in the WA1440 round. Sarah, Rick, Wendy and Mike all shot seasons best scores for their respective rounds.




Improvers for the month... :-

  • Chris O' gains his 1st Class Barebow Classification

  • Kathy C' gains her 2nd Class Longbow Classification

  • Mark L' gains his 3rd Class Barebow Classification

  • Mike Wo' gains his Longbow Archer Classification

  • ...

  • Mike Bar', Stuart H' & Chris O' improve their H/C scores



Congratulations to our Junior Sarah I' for winning the Gold in her category at the Gloucestershire SENIOR County Championships. She was the only representative from Castle Bowmen and shot very well under some challenging windy conditions.



October 13th will be the Annual Castle Bowmen Team Tournament - A competition designed for every Club member regardless of bowtype, age or ability, everyone can shoot it quite easily. More details will be posted closer to the time, (but all you need is the ability to hit 30m)

The Archery related theme this year is Archery Gods & Goddesses, and it will be up to you to decide which ones we include in our pantheon.

>> CLICK HERE << to go to the voting page to decide on your favourite.

(Please note you might not necessarily be in the team of the mythical archer you voted for, this is to decide which ones are included.)




Check out the >> Postal Page <<  to find the Top Ten Hall of Fame scores for the Season so far. 

See if you have made the list or how close you are. Still a couple of months to get on the list. 



Congratulations to all of our new 2018 Glamorgan County Champions

  • Michelle W' - Lady Recurve County Champion

  • Karl C' - Gent Barebow County Champion

  • Caroline P' - Lady Barebow County Champion (current Outdoor AND Indoor champion)

To see a full list of Castle Bowmen's County and Welsh champions >> Click Here <<




The Glamorgan County Outdoor Championships.... The pinnacle of County archery tournaments held Outdoors in Glamorgan this month... If any spectators had accidently found themselves viewing the proceedings they would indeed have said 'These are the finest archers in this field at this time'.

Castle Bowmen sent many of it's best archers to compete in this prestigious event, and they all, without exception brought glory and honour to the club with some magnificent shooting. Rick S', Mike Wo', Karl C', Andrew P', Sarah R', Michelle W', Caz' P' and Chris O' battled against the blazing sun, tiring heat and queuing up at the bar afterwards, to bring back some shiny bling and excellent achievement's.

On the Hereford round Caz' shot an awesome MB (Master Bowman score) to take the Gold for the Lady Barebows, which was also a County record.

Michelle shot a PB (personal Best score) to take Gold for the Lady Recurves and Chris, also with a PB, claimed Gold for the Gent Recurves. 

On the York round Rick shot a Seasons Best, his best score for the round in 3 years, despite starting the 3rd distance a little early he then remembered his sight should have been set for 80yards not 60 ! 

Also on the York round Sarah shot very well during the day to claim a new Glamorgan County record and took home an awesome Gold for the Lady Barebows.

For the Gent Barebows Andrew, also shooting a PB, ended the day with a shiny silver medal in 2nd place, just losing out to Karl, also with a Seasons Best, who took home the Gold.

Mike, for the Gent Recurves, at the halfway point of the day was in silver medal position. And after clawing back points from the leader after every single dozen ended the day in .. still Silver position. But with only 12 points between 1st and 2nd it was a fun close battle.

And to round off a hot but exceptionally good day Caz' wins a bottle of wine in the raffle and Andrew wins a wine scented candle... 

All in all the day was summed up quite succinctly by Karl - "it was ok"

  • Below are a few pictures of the day taken by Caz'




It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to the end of summer shooting, the start of winter shooting and of course the old favourite ..renewing your archery affiliation. Details have been sent out in this month's Newsletter, so probably best to read it this month. Fee's MUST be paid for you to be eligible to continue shooting legally. The end of September is the absolute cut-off date but obviously ArcheryGB always takes time to process everything and issue new membership cards, so early payment is recommended.



 Improvers for the month... :-

  • Seb' J' gains his Bowman Classification

  • Mathew W' and Chris O' both gain their 2nd Class Barebow Classification

  • Michelle W', Kathy C', Ian M', Terry C', Stephen D', Mark H', David J', Immants G', Stuart H' (L/B), Chris O', Mike Wo' (B/B), Mathew W' & Seb' J' improve their H/C scores



The entry form for Cambia Bowmen's world famous BBQ shoot is now on the Tournament Page >>HERE<<

IF you are not sure whether this tournament is suitable for you just ask one of our award winning coaching team for advice.



Rick's weekend report from the Record status Yorks and Herefords at Black-n-Gold club Cheltenham :- (What a difference a week makes to the weather report)

''The day started with a let’s get that dustbin off the roof before starting off – after half an hour of travelling through driving rain – flying dustbins – cats – dogs and branches – I finally made it – To the Car. What a start !!

Off I went.

Stopped off at the services for a health inducing Ginsters Pasty – stupid health conscious farm shop didn’t have any – and second soaking of the day was endured for zilch.

Anyway by 9-15am 'ish Castle Bowmen’s two toughest archers Myself (shorts and t shirt) and Sarah I, were warming up (well standing cold, wet and shivering) ready to start – eating a bacon butty (well I was anyway). A few pleasantries with fellow archers – like [what] are we doing here? - and we were off. For me 100 yrds actually went ok after a 4 first end and a 9 last end but one. 80 yrds was ok as was 60, but not amazing. 636 scored about 60 up on Neath.

Weather went something like this:

100 yrds over the left shoulder very strong gusty wind and steady rain – a good open stance and windage at max to the right and some arrows actually made the yellow bit – could have done with the danage boss for feedback- boing !!!!! – couldn’t hear a thing in terms of hits and scopes were blowing over when they were not full of water.

80yrd – took ages to get things going again after lunch – loads of equipment failures and bouncers after the Nationals competitors joined in - wind changed to the side – and heavy gusts with the odd easing off – the sun occasionally poked its head out and it got really warm and sticky. It did dry things out a bit which would have been nice but…

60yrds full face on gale force hurricane with driving rain.

Sarah should use this as an excuse for the miss on last end that cost her a JMB score after sticking it out valiantly for an amazing score of 596 on the Hereford and Bling – Gold in her age group and would have got second as an adult losing only to a GMB score of 860 plus.

Thankfully things eased just for enough time to take tents down and get to the car before it absolutely rained some more – was going to nip into the changing rooms for a clothes change – no point would have just got wet again – so after wriggling into a dry pair of swimming trunks I set off home ( just as well I travelled alone) in a very damp steamy car.

Sorry to Sarah!!-  who stayed on to collect  her bling and cuddly tiger -  I should have been more supportive. But I think if I had settled in a nice warm bar I would still be there now !!!

Odd as it may seem – still enjoyable and a fun day out !


Many of the finest archers in the land... well in Castle Bowmen, travelled once again across the borders to shoot in the Supermarine Bowmen WRS Weekend Tournament. A two day shoot, with a Double WA 70m on the Saturday shot by Rick S', Steve C', Ryan P' and Caz' P', and a mighty difficult WA1440 round shot on the Sunday by Karl C' and Sarah I' shooting her Junior equivalent. 

Here is Rick's concise and highly technical report of the day:-

   "Well – Saturday morning started at around 4.47 am to be precise – a cool overcast start to the day (well it would be at that time of the morning). Hit the road around 6-15 (Steve was away earlier and Caz and Ryan a little later. We all got here in reasonable time ready for the 8-00 am kit inspection – do they not sleep in Wiltshire.

Practice commenced at 8-45 sharp – still overcast – mild breeze and fairly cool. Todays the day for a break through !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I was right there was a breakthrough -  in the shape of a really hot sun burning a hole in the cloud right above our heads – I think Steve and I probably contributed to the localisation of the cloud burn – the sun came through hit our respective bonces and went straight back up to complete the burn through. Needless to say from then on it was hot hot hot – and very humid !! Cant really complain about the wind it was quite mild and most of the time predictable.

Shoot was very well run as ever – with shed loads of cake and burgers etc available. I abstained of course in respect of my diet and new found fitness improvement but I think Ryan and Steve took advantage. Tight shoot between the three of us for a while – all shooting pretty well really. Tournament mentality and experienced prevailed and saw the wizened old [guy] top the dynamic trio with a 200 point improvement on his Cheltenham efforts. Both Steve and Ryan did seasons bests in tournies I believe and were happy with their day.

Caz naturally was awesome and took GOLD for the Lady Barebows  [with some ever awesome shooting, despite some annoying opposition.]

Did I mention it was hot !!! First time ever I had to go back to the car for more Lynx !!!

Made new friends and enjoyed reminiscing about Cheltenham with a few others that had suffered a couple of weeks ago….nice to know it wasn’t just me !

Sunday I gather was just as hot but it seems nothing gets in the way of Castle Bowmen’s Barebow team – with Sarah and Karl both shooting well and both taking home the GOLD bling.

Roll on next Sunday for another adventure – and a 9-45 assembly – more civilized in Cheltenham. "



Well done to all those that shot in this month's Postal League shoot, many PB's and H/C's were improved upon (as listed above in the Monthly Improver section).

Congratulations to all that improved their Team positions from last month, and to those shooting in the league for the first time. 

All the Teams are now listed on the Postal League page under 'July Teams'




Is there a Recurve now shooting as Barebow ?

This was found at 60yards.

Please claim at the Lost & Found office.



Congratulations to Mike Wo' for completing his last 252 round which means he now has the complete set of 252 badges from 20yards all the way up to 100yards



Two brave Castle Bowmen travelled west a tiny bit to compete at the Short Metric Tournament held by Llandaff City Bowmen. Michelle W' and Chris O', in his first tournament away from the club, had to contend with less than perfect conditions, as Michelle described them

'It was hot all day and quite windy in the afternoon'

But as you will see from Chris's report below they both did extremely well, both coming home with shiny medals. A magnificent Recurve Gold for Michelle and a well deserved Barebow Silver and a PB (Personal Best score) for Chris.

'It was another hot humid day as the archers chased the shade until the sun rose and there was no escaping the sun. After the first round there could have been a number of things to blame for the terrible shoot thus far, the heat, the equipment, the fact that the 50M hates me but in all probability it was the archer! An experienced archer once told me to forget the last arrow, I wish he'd teach me how to forget a whole round!! Pressing on i shot a very good 30M to bring myself back into medal contention. I came away with a little dignity and the silver. On reflection i am glad I've upheld the castle bowmen winning reputation but in the words of Mark H' "I must be better"'



All the JUNE postal results are in and can be viewed on the Postal Page.

SPOILERS !!… Some teams still have a 100% success rate this Season...some do not.



RJD Archers Open UK record status Western tournament was the next destination for the Castle Bowmen archers. Steve C', Wendy W', Mike Wo' and Kathy C' all braved the unseasonably hot heat to bring back the Gold and the Glory...and they succeeded spectacularly.

The day was incredibly hot but the fabulous archers still manged to get through the entire shoot, more or less, to grab the medals at the end.

But It wasn't without the drama. During one end at 50y the ever observant judges blew the whistle even though Steve was still shooting. Steve informed them that he can't have ran out of time, and they agreed they had made a mistake and let him continue to shoot his last arrow, which was shot with such high concentration and precision it could only ever be heading into one colour...yes it hit the blue.

At the end of the day all of Castle Bowmen had scored a SB (Seasons Best score), with Steve also shooting a Glamorgan County record and Wendy taking Gold for the Lady Longbows, Kathy got the top score for the Lady Barebows and Mike took Gold for the Gent Recurves.

 Mike Wo' collecting his medal from the Lady Paramount for winning the Gent Recurve Category

Mike Wo' collecting his medal from the Lady Paramount for winning the Gent Recurve Category

 Wendy wins the Lady Longbow category and gets the Gold from the RJD Archers Lady Paramount

Wendy wins the Lady Longbow category and gets the Gold from the RJD Archers Lady Paramount

 Steve sets a new Glamorgan County record for Gent Recurve (master) category

Steve sets a new Glamorgan County record for Gent Recurve (master) category



Rick S' and Karl C' travelled far away to represent Castle Bowmen at the Cheltenham Archers Annual 2 day Record Status Tournament. But being a kind and sharing sort of club they split it between them and while Rick shot the Double WA70m on the Saturday, Karl then shot the WA1440 round on the Sunday. They both enjoyed bright sunny skies the whole weekend, although the tricky wind conditions did cause a few hiccups. 

Here is Rick's report in his own words :- 

" A lonesome archer went forth early Saturday morning, a far cry from last year when many Castle Bowmen travelled for the annual Catherine Oldacre Memorial Event. Despite a poor (almost non existent) nights sleep things looked hopeful as cloud appeared on the horizon around 7-00 am – will it be cooler than expected and windless.

Well the answer was  a resounding NO!!! It turned out very hot and very windy – the worst kind – head on gusty and slightly to one side. They could have put half faces up on the left side of the target and no one would have lost many points. You could see arrows flying from outside the RH side of the target and landing on the left – my arrars being lighter drifter more . At one point my windage adjustment was right over to the left – the sight pin unwound and I even started to unscrew the sight aperture to get windage.(till it dropped off).

Needless to say scores were awful – 313 and 297.

Had some good ends though and some nice groups at times – How can you do 9,9,8,8,m,m – 10,10,8,7,m,m. Hit on one cunning plan that got me a few golds – I reverse engineered the aim/release process. Wait for it to be still – get a steady aim on 2 o clock black then wait for the wind and release – first attempt X – worked a couple of times after that.

Great day out as usual – but ended up with a touch too much sun. Still that’s my 5 rounds done for ranking although my HC will suffer badly – I shall return !!"

On the Sunday Karl shot very well and ended up in Silver medal position for the Gent Barebows

"I could have done better but It was better than last time so it was alright"



Arrows found by our crack team of professional arrows finders (and sometimes by luck) will be pictured on the new Found Lost Arrow page. The link to which is near the top of the page.('click to find lost arrows')

Tip - The best way to get your arrow back quicker if you lose it -  always have your initials on every arrow, as recommended by ArcheryGB.



Juniors Please note that the NEXT Junior Saturday will be 14th July - This is a slight change to the pattern, but will then carry on every 2 weeks from then.


longbow 90m arrow0.jpg


Improvers for the month... :-

  • Stephen D' gains his Barebow 2nd Class Classification

  • Chris O', Trevor H', Daniel H', Mark H' and Drew M' all gain their 3rd Class Classifications

  • Drew M' gains his Archer Classification for Recurve

  • Imants G', John H', Trevor H', Kathy C', Steve C', Mark H', Drew M' and Caz' P' improve their H/C score



First confirmed win for one of the JUNE postal teams >> SEE THE POSTAL PAGE << for all the information throughout the season.



Well done to all the Castle Bowmen archers, especially those in their first competition, shooting at our Annual Mid Summer 'Doug Woodley' WA900 Tournament. 

Nearly 30 archers from around South Wales came to compete at this annual shoot, and also enjoyed shooting on one of the hottest days of the year. 

Castle Bowmen Juniors Sarah I' and Rachel T' both took Gold in their age categories for the Lady Barebows. The Senior Lady Barebows also did extremely well with Sarah R' taking Bronze, Caroline P' taking Silver and Kathy C' collecting the giant Gold medal. 

The Gent Barebows did very well too with Paul Y' winning Bronze, Chris O' in his first tournament taking Silver and Andrew P' winning a well deserved Gold.

Wendy W', who also performed the duties of Lady Paramount, took Gold in the Lady Longbow category with a County record. For the Gent Longbows Stuart H' took home the Bronze and Alan G' takes the Silver medal.

In the Gent Recurve category Rick S' fought well to take home an excellent Bronze.

Also taking home a Gold medal and a County Record Michelle W' took the top prize for the Lady Recurves.



The Castle Bowmen Heroes shot at the Annual Neath Archers rose record status York/Hereford Tournament with some excellent if soggy results.

The weather for the tournament started with a rain shower, carried on with some heavy rain, briefly interrupted with some more continuous showers and finished with a spell of rain. But Sarah I', Michelle W', Caroline P', Rick S', Steve C', Mike Wo', Andrew P' & Karl C' battled through to the finish without a complaint... ok there may have been a few complaints … but they did all finish under extremely tricky conditions.

In the end Every Castle Bowmen archer scored a Seasons Best Score with a couple of them also getting PB's (Personal Best scores).

In the Hereford Round Caroline Collected the Gold for the Lady Barebows with Sarah also taking Gold for her age category and Michelle taking Silver for the Lady Recurves.

In the York round for the Gent Barebows Karl took home a well deserved Gold and for the Gent Recurves Mike took the Bronze. 

Rick and Steve had a mini battle of their own, with each taking the lead as the distances got closer. It all came down to the final end at the final distance with Rick finally grasping the victory.




Portsmouth Postal : 

  • Team A... 1st Place in the Division !!! - WINNERS !!!

  • Team B... 3rd Place in the Division

Frostbite Postal :

  • Team A...1st Place in the Division !!! - WINNERS !!!

  • Team B...2nd Place... missed the top spot by just 4 points

  • Team C...2nd Place in the Division

  • Team D...2nd Place... Not bad considering we didn't have a December team D

  • Junior Team …2nd Place in their Division

Excellent results for all those who contributed to Team A and good shooting from everyone else. 2nd place in nearly all the other divisions is a good result. 



Extra news from the Winter Postal Leagues:

These are the highest scoring archers in their respective divisions, across the ENTIRE league:-

Portsmouth Postals : 

  • Team A's Division :- Michelle W' (Mar') & Mike Wo' (Nov',Dec',Jan',Feb' & Mar')

  • Team B's Division :- Kathy C' (Nov' & Jan')

Frostbite Postals :

  • Team A's Division :- Michelle W' (Feb' & Mar') & Mike Wo' (Nov',Jan',Feb' & Mar')

  • Team B's Division :- Kathy C' (Nov' & Feb') & Caz' P' (Mar')

  • Team C's Division :- Caz' P' (Nov' & Jan'), Rick S' (Nov'), Alan G' (Jan') & Steve C' (Feb')

  • Team D's Division :- Kathy C' (Jan') & Maria V (Mar')

  • Junior Team's Division :- Sarah I' (Nov' & Feb'), Luke Y' (Jan') & Tomas D' (Feb')



It's been a while since the winter but we have finally heard from the UK organisers of the Winter Postal League, and have the final overall confirmed results of the season... All will be revealed soon but the news is quite exciting for... 2 of our teams … but which 2 ? ...



ArcheryGB have released the first UK Rankings list for the 2018, and Castle Bowmen Recurves have a few entries.

  • Steve C' is ranked 329th in the UK

  • Rick S' is ranked 292nd in the UK & 

  • Mike Wo' is ranked 197th in the UK

We'll see if these positions change by the end of the season.



POSTAL LEAGUE's - From now on PRACTICE will start as soon as the field is set up safely (9.15am approx'). SO the earlier you arrive the more practice time you get. 

Everyone shooting the Postal Leagues will all start SCORING at 10am on the dot. No exceptions. You can still score if you arrive later but practice time FINISHES at 10am as the scoring will then commence.

This is to keep the tournament running as smoothly as possible and still have a reasonable finishing time for people to get home for lunch.

Also please check how many people are already shooting on a boss if you wish to join it (as mentioned in the Rules of Etiquette (section N). It's always best to join the one with the least amount of archers as it speeds the total shooting time up no end.



At the World Record Status Double WA1440 Tournament at Pembrey Country Park, hosted by Cymric Archers, Mike Wo' battled against the unrelenting sun and heat, the invasion of little bugs all over the field and the total lack of ice creams to compete in a gruelling archery weekend. After more than 300 arrows over 2 days he managed a seasons best score and took home the Bronze medal for the glory of Castle Bowmen.



All the MAY Postal League results are in and listed upon the Postal League page > HERE <

6 out of the 7 competing Castle Bowmen Teams WON their month's match. SO well done to almost everyone.

Teams for JUNE, that have shot their rounds, are listed under JUNE. Competing teams wont have their team score listed until we receive the opponents score.


Improvers for the month... :-

  • Luke Y' gains his Junior Bowman Classification

  • Luke Y' gains his 1st Class Classification

  • Paul Y' gains his 1st Class Classification

  • Paul Y' gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification

  • Mathew W' gains his 3rd Class Barebow Classification

  • Trevor H' gains his Archer Classification

  • ...

  • John H', Michelle W', Mike Bar',Trevor H', Karl C', Paul Y', Luke Y' & Stephen D' improve their H/C score




Arrow finder.jpg










Congratulations to Luke Y' and Heather B' for being presented with their Gold D.of.E Certificates at Buckingham Palace. These are presented to Young People who achieve the Gold Standard of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. An excellent achievement for both.



The first Postal League shoot of the season was shot under beautiful blue sunny warm skies, which may explain why nearly everyone had an excellent score by the end of the shoot. 

All the competing archers made it into teams, and first indications from the Postal League Guardian Katie suggest that we all did very well, with TWO teams already confirmed as taking a win from this first round of the season. 

To view our progress in the Postal League and to see which team you made it in to just visit the 'Postal Leagues' page from the main menu. Or  >> CLICK HERE <<  to save scrolling back up to the top of the page. Confirmed results from each match will be posted there as we receive them.



Well done to all our Awesome Junior archers who shot our Annual 'Val Goodman' Junior May Metrics tournament. The sun was shining for the whole day and there was none of that pesky wind to spoil the perfect shots.

Some of the best Junior Archers from almost half a dozen clubs from over South Wales joined us to shoot this important event in the Archery calendar. The Castle Bowmen working party worked hard to ensure the whole day ran as smoothly as possible, with Val G' presiding over preceding's in her role as Lady Paramount.

All of our Juniors did extremely well, with all of them winning their categories and taking home shiny Gold trophies. Very well done to Luke Y', Daniel H', Sarah I', Geoffrey C', Rachel T' and Candice L'.

Extra congratulations to Candice for shooting well under pressure, with her opponent matching her arrow for arrow all day and ending with an unprecedented absolutely equal tie after all 144 arrows has been shot, something you rarely see. But it did mean they both went home with a Gold trophy.



Check out the latest update to the Welsh Rankings - Many Castle Bowmen heroes are in it

   > Click here for the current Welsh Rankings <



***The Welsh Archery Association WA70m & H2H Tournament report ***

On the warmest, sunniest day of the year Castle Bowmen's elite team of archers were competing at the prestigious Welsh Archery Association Annual Head-to-Head tournament. 

Caz' P', Andrew P', Steve C', Rick S' and Mike Wo' all shot in the extremely hot conditions, and some of them had some very nice results at the end of the day.

In the initial 70m Qualifying round Caz' and Andrew placed first and second in the joint Barebow category, Mike Wo' came 3rd for the Gent Recurves, and Rick & Steve enjoyed shooting too.

In the important knock-out H2H round Steve came up against his old adversary Nigel, and despite having a good loose was beaten 6-0, but still enjoyed himself at the end of the day, especially after the final results revealed that he didn't come last.

Rick's head-to-head went down to an exciting 1 arrow shoot off tie-break decider match, his opponent shot high into the blue.... unfortunately Rick shot a little higher, but it was a close run thing.

Mike Wo' eventually was defeated by the overall winner in the Gent Recurves, he managed to keep within a few points of his opponent throughout his Quarter Final match, but was finally beaten.

In an exciting mixed Barebow event Caz' and Andrew hung in right to the very end of the day to compete against each other in the dramatic final to see who would take home the Gold.  Over the 3 decider rounds it was difficult to see who would take the title, but it became clearer when we used our scopes. In his first H2H tournament Andrew took home a shiny silver medal and Caz' taking home a magnificent Gold with a definitive win. (Caz' and Andrew also won wine in the raffle)


 Caz' wins the GOLD and some wine - Andrew wins the SILVER and some wine

Caz' wins the GOLD and some wine - Andrew wins the SILVER and some wine






 A message from the Postal League Guardian

"A very lovely Summer Postal 2017 winners badge was handed in at the field. I expect the owner of such a sought after badge is very sad that they have lost it"  See Kathy to retrieve your lost badge



The Summer Postal League organisers have released the list of opponents we'll be competing against for the outdoor season this year. A tricky match for Team D in June, they'll need to shoot their best for it. Click on the 'Postal Leagues' page to see a list of all the fixtures

.... or click >> HERE <<  if you can't find the Postals page link (its at the top of the page)



Tuesday evening shooting starts on May 1st



Improvers for the month... :-

  • Karl C' gains his Bowman Classification for Barebow

  • Stephen D' gets his Archer AND 3rd Class Classification for Barebow

  • Mark H' gets his Recurve Archer Classification

  • ...

  • Mark H', Stephen D', Karl C' (twice), Mike Bar', Sarah I' and Rachel T' improved their H/C scores



Well done to Karl C' for gaining his Bowman Classification, Only the 2nd Gent Barebow to attain this Classification since 2012.



Castle Bowmen's AGM was well attended and lots of important club business was discussed. The new committee, charged with the smooth running of the club, were sworn in and a full review of the year was given by Rick S', the Chairman. Before during and after the official proceedings the members who attended enjoyed a lovely buffet arranged by Steve C'. This was also the official unveiling of the club's new look website (the one you're looking at now). Rick also wished everyone good shooting in the year to come.



Castle Bowmen's Annual Easter Sunday Double WA70m Tournament was enjoyed by all the competitors who braved the dry, slightly muddy and rather cold conditions.

Excellent shooting, exciting Head-to-Head style tie breaks to decide who got the chocolate spot prize and lots of fun chocolatey prizes throughout the shoot contributed to a good day for all. The Castle Bowmen working party were as awesome as always, setting up and packing away the tournament field with great efficiency. 

At the end of the day many of our archers took away many of the prizes. 

Our Lady Paramount for the day Caroline P' also took away the top prize for the Lady Barebows, with Kathy C' taking the 2nd place prize egg. Karl C' for the Gent Barebows also ended top with Andrew P' taking the Silver. Sarah I' and Rachel T' both took the top easter egg prize in their Barebow age categories.

Michelle W' came 1st in the Lady Recurve category with Wendy W' coming 2nd, and in the Gent Recurves Mike Wo' also took 2nd prize.

For the Gent Longbows Alan G' took home the silver position prize too.

Extra Chocolate prizes were also won by Steve C, Michelle W', Shaun T', Rachel T', Mike Wo', Karl C', Kathy C' & Andrew P'



Improvers for the month… :-

  • Karl C’ gains his ‘E’ Classification

  • Betty N’, Doug N’, Mark H’ and Daniel H’ gain their Indoor ‘F’  Classifications

  • Paul L’ gains his ‘G’ Indoor Classification

  • Rick S' gains his 'H' Indoor Classification for BAREBOW

  • Michelle W', Stephen D', Andrew P' & Peter W improve their H/C scores



The indoor shooting winter season has now effectively ended. So now we look forward to Outdoor shooting at the field. The first Weekday session will be on Wednesday 4th April, with sessions also on Friday Evenings and the usual Sunday Morning. These will carry on until the end of September.



Latest update from the Winter Postal Leagues:-

Portsmouth League Team A is currently #1 in their division. Mike Wo' has been the highest scoring Gent for November, December and January in the whole division.

Portsmouth League Team B is also currently #1 in their division.  Kathy C' has been the highest scoring Lady for November and January in the whole division.

Frostbite League Team A, Team C & Junior Team are all currently 2nd in the division with Team B and Team D are both 3rd in their divisions.

For Team A - Mike Wo' was the highest scoring Gent for November and January.

For Team B - Kathy C' was the highest scoring Lady for November

For Team C - Caz' P' was the highest scoring Lady for November & January with RIck S' the highest scoring Gent for November and Alan G' the highest Gent for January.

For Team D - Kathy C' was the highest scoring Lady for January

Junior Team - Sarah I' was the highest scoring Lady for November and Luke Y' the highest scoring Gent for January



In one of the final tournaments of this Indoor Season Kathy C’ and Andrew P’ travelled to a little competition in the far West of Cardiff to see if they could bring home the Gold and the Glory for Castle Bowmen.

A fun but challenging day was ahead of them, full of interesting opponents, sheep, questionable toilets, bacon rolls and talk of dragons.

At the end of the day they both , of course , prevailed to take away the treasures.

Kathy took Gold for the Lady Barebows and almost claims her Red Dragon achievement Badge (1 point off).

Andrew claims his Red Dragon badge, takes the Gold for the Gent Barebows and shoots a magnificent PB (Personal Best score). So congratulations all round for some awesome shooting.



“Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night stays the courageous from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”…..Herodotus - 500 b.c

 Castle Snowmen 2018

Castle Snowmen 2018


Improvers for the month… :-

  • Michelle W’ gains her ‘C’ Indoor Classification for Recurve

  • Daniel H’ gains his Indoor ‘G’ Recurve Classification

  • Mike Bar’, Andrew P’, Caroline P’ and Michelle W’ improve their H/C scores



Castle Bowmen  (Club of Champions) once again hosted the Glamorgan County Indoor Championships for the 12th consecutive year, and as always the whole day was a great success.  

It was enjoyed by Archers, spectators and judges alike, earning the club much praise.

“Thanks for a great shoot” Nick -Cambria Bowmen    

“Surprisingly Enjoyable” Mike - Castle Bowmen    

“ It was a pleasure..” Griff - Judge

“ Thanks for everything today “ Paul - Judge

“ Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot “ Matthew - Pentref Bowmen .

The super efficient Castle Bowmen working party helped ensure the whole event ran as smoothly as possible, and the Awesome Castle Bowmen archers ensured we picked up a few medals at the same time.

Caroline P’, Kathy C’, Michelle W’, Sarah I’, Mike Wo’, Mike Bar’, Andrew P’, Rick S’, Dave M’ and Alan G’ all did an excellent job of helping to run the shoot and also Shoot the shoot too. With Steve C’ and his excellent catering team providing refreshments to all the hungry competitors.

At the end of the long competitive day both Castle Bowmen’s Barebow team (Caroline, Kathy & Andrew) and  Recurve team (Michelle, Mike & Mike) did very well to both come in 2nd place.

Michelle W’ came in 2nd place for the Lady Recurves and took away a Silver medal.

Kathy C’, for the Lady Barebows, (also performing the Lady Paramount duties for the tournament) took home the Bronze medal after finishing in 3rd place.

But the biggest congratulations of the day must go to Caroline P’ for coming in 1st place to win the Gold and Trophy to become Castle Bowmen’s latest County Champion.


 Castle Bowmen Glamorgan Lady Barebow Champion 2018 Caz with Kathy who won it in 2017

Castle Bowmen Glamorgan Lady Barebow Champion 2018 Caz with Kathy who won it in 2017


Improvers for the month… :-

  • Mike Bar’ gains his Indoor ‘D’ Classification

  • Peter W’ & Shaun T’ gain their Indoor ‘E’ Classification

  • Alzbeta S’ gains her ‘F’ Indoor Classification

  • Rachel T’ and Stephen D’ gain their Indoor ‘G’ Classifications

  • Kathy C’, Stephen D’, Sarah D’ and Sarah I’ improved on their H/C Scores


In the greatest traditions of the greatest explorers Castle Bowmen had a busy weekend, travelling to the East like Marco Polo along the silk road and West like Christopher Columbus to the New World. All in search of Gold, treasures, meeting new people and bringing back great riches and glory.

And much like the explorers of old they came back with tales of great victories, arduous struggles and interesting exotic smelling foreign goods.

Rick S’, Kathy C’ and Andrew P’ indeed travelled East along the trade route known as M4 and competed in the mighty Llantarnam Double Portsmouth Tournament against the most fearsome of foes. The day was long but some success was gained by our awesome archers; they won some excellent raffle prizes in the form of fluffy slippers and a candle which has a delicate aroma that has been described as “not nice”.

The day was won however by Kathy for the Lady Barebows who won the highest prize of a Gold medal, and overall everyone enjoyed the day.

To the West Mike Wo’ was forging new ground and meeting new peoples by competing in RJD Archers very first indoor tournament, a UK record Status WA18m round.

In a slightly competitive competition against adversaries familiar and unknown Mike prevailed and ended the day victoriously taking away the Gold prize, as well as some nice Welsh Cakes.



Latest News from the Winter Postal Leagues :-

   After the first round in both the Postal Leagues (Frostbite & Portsmouth) we had four of our teams in first place positions in their respective divisions.

For the Frostbite League in November, in the whole of the Uk wide tournament :-

Mike Wo’ was the Overall highest scoring Gent in Team A’s division,

Kathy C’ was the Overall highest scoring Lady in Team B’s division,

In Teams C’s division Rick S’ was the highest scoring Gent and Caz’ P’ the highest scoring Lady in the whole division,

In Team D’ Alan H’ was the highest scoring Gent in the whole division,

For the Junior Team Sarah I’ was the highest scoring Lady in their Whole Division for November.


For the Portsmouth Postal League :-

In November Mike Wo’ was the highest scoring Gent in the whole of Team A’s division

& Kathy C’ was the highest scoring Lady in the whole of Team B’s division.



Castle Bowmen archers started the year in good form at the Welsh Indoor Championships held at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff.

Kathy C’, Sarah I’, Andew P’ and Mike Wo’ were all in attendance for one of the most prestigious shoots on the Indoor season calendar.

All shot very well (obviously) at this highly competitive tournament with Andrew scoring a PB (Personal Best score) and Kathy taking home the Bronze medal for the Lady Barebows. Kathy was also presented with her medal from the Welsh Archery Association Chairman for finishing top of her category in the Welsh Rankings last year.


> click here for all the archived club news from previous years <