The '252' badge scheme

The 252 award scheme is the easiest for any archer to start with.

The round consists of 3 dozen arrows shot at a selection of distances (all yards) in which the archer has to score at least 252 - hence the name. To make it fair Barebow and Longbow archers can score lower than 252 to compensate for the lack of sights and stabilisers. Once the appropriate score has been achieved twice then you get your distance badge and then it's on to the next distance.

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252 badges.jpg

The 20 Yard badge

The shortest distance to shoot. All you do is shoot 3 dozen arrows (twice) at this distance and score 252 (recurve)or 189 (barebow) each time and you get this badge.

You shoot on a 122cm face and use 5 zone scoring

252 badges.jpg


To get all the badges just repeat the same procedure at 30,40,50,60,80 and 100 yards.

A table on the 252 score sheets will remind you how much you need to score.