About the club

Castle Bowmen was formed in 1970 and is one of the most well established clubs in South Wales and currently has the highest membership numbers in the region. 

Castle Bowmen has been coaching new archers for many decades now and has many Archery GB (National governing body for Archery) trained coaches, plus many current County and Regional Champions as members. This ensures every beginner and new member has some of the most experienced archers in Wales looking after them.

Castle Bowmen has had the #1 ranked Barebow target archers in Wales for several years.

We have members aged from 8 to 80's enjoying the relaxed, fun, safe atmosphere of the Club. We mainly shoot Recurve, Barebow and Longbow with a few other styles to keep things interesting.

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Everyone joining Castle Bowmen as a member agrees to abide by the club Constitution, Archery GB's Rules of Shooting and Archery GB'S Code of Conduct.

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Members of Castle Bowmen enjoy the following delights:-


Membership to Castle Bowmen

- When you join the club as a full member we can give you expert advice on which equipment would be suitable for you to buy.

We do have a number of club bows available to hire for a short time until you get your own equipment. Also we have coaches and experienced archers of all abilities and bow types who are more than happy to give new members all the advice they need to develop their Archery skills.

You will also enjoy all the shooting opportunities the club is able to offer. We have top class Indoor and Outdoor shooting facilities, so you should be able to shoot all year round. Remember this is Wales though, you will have to shoot in the rain occasionally.

You will also receive a newsletter once a month with interesting things in it, and most importantly, the opportunity to come to the Castle Bowmen Christmas dinner. (Traditionally held in January) 

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Membership to the Glamorgan Archery Association

- As you work your way up, Glamorgan training squads will help you on your way with extra coaching. You can also claim county records and be part of the county team.


Membership to the Welsh Archery Association

- This allows you to compete in Welsh tournaments and claim records and achievement awards, as well as getting access to top Welsh coaches on the training squad, and even represent Wales in International tournaments. 


Membership to Archery GB (The National Governing Body for Archery)

- This is Archery's National Association in Great Britain and they provide insurance and guidelines so everyone is safe and happy. Membership allows you to shoot almost anywhere in the world (subject to local rules). You can also start shooting in competitions, every weekend if you wish; and maybe shoot for the GB team (with a bit a practice of course). You can gain a UK ranking without too much trouble. You will also be sent a magazine about Archery 4 times a year.



If you have any queries please contact us at the club email listed at the top of the ‘Beginners’ Page