Castle Bowmen’s New Year H/C Shoot

to determine the Club Champion for the year

To determine the Club Champion for the year we shoot the unique ‘Seal Round’ (4 dozen arrows at 40yds shot in 4’s).

A Handicap levelling score is added to everyone's score, so everyone has an equal chance of winning. The club champion receives an award, presented to them at the annual club dinner.

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2011 Club Champion - Bernard K’


- Castle Bowmen Annual handicap shoot is shot for the very first time -

Well done to Bernie for winning, Steve C’ was 2nd and Duncan came 3rd.

2012 Club Champion - Terry C’

- To start the year as we intend to continue -

The intrepid Castle members shot in the cold, wet and at times hailstones to complete the clubs annual handicap shoot -

Shooting the newly devised Castle Bowmen ‘Seal’ round (4 dozen @ 40 yds shot in 4's).

Well done to Terry C’  who is now the Club Champion for 2011

2013 Club Champion  - Heather B’

Heather - 2013 club champion junior page.jpg

The postponed club handicap shoot was shot on sunday 6th january - The Field ...mostly... dried out, apart from the mud.
There were an impressive number of club members out to shoot this prestigious event in the Castle Bowmen calendar.

As always the awards were presented at the clubs Late Christmas dinner in January.  

Ashley B’ was 3rd …

Chris M’ came in 2nd …

and the Title of club Champion goes to …

Junior Club member Heather B’- well done to her.

2014 Club Champion - Mike Bai’

The 2014 New Year Club champion shoot  was shot on a wet and windy day,

but 15 of the hardiest of Castle Bowmen were there to shoot it out to gain the title

Along with the newly devised 'Novice' medal award.

Congratulations to Mike Bai’ for winning this years tournament.

Well done to Owen from Castle Bowmen Juniors for wining the first newly devised 1st place Novice medal, for those archers who have never shot a scored round before.

2015 Club Champion - CaZ’ P’

The results of the Annual club New Year handicap shoot were announced at the Late Christmas Dinner as always.

caz 2015.png

 Alan H’ ending up in 3rd  place, Mike Wi’ 2nd and Caroline P’ taking top spot and being crowned 2015 Club Champion for the year.

2016 Club Champion - CaZ’ P’

Ten of Castle Bowmen's finest, if slightly crazy, archers braved the rain, wind and mud to shoot the Club’s New Year Annual H/C shoot to find the club champion. Chairman Rick was on hand to officiate, make judgement on line cutters and mostly to hand out dry score sheets when they became illegible in the rain, mud or got blown away by the wind. Much fun was had by all.

Congratulations to Caz P’ for winning the new Year Club Handicap shoot and becomes Club champion for the year. If you missed the presentations at the Annual club dinner (which means you also missed the delicious food too) in second place was Stuart H’, and in bronze medal position was new boy Dave M’.

Well done to all.

2017 Club Champion   - CaZ’ P’

The weather for this year’s New Year / Club Champion shoot was surprisingly free from rain. It wasn’t what you could call warm, and last year’s mud still made an appearance,  but 23 of the bravest Castle Bowmen archers came to shoot for the honour of the Club Champion title.

The challenging 40 yard  tournament went well enjoyed by all.

As usual the Club Champion Trophy, along with the Novice medal for those not having shot a scored round before, was announced and presented at the Clubs late Christmas Dinner near the end of January.

For the 3rd year running Caroline P’ won the award and title of Club Champion again, David H’ came in 2nd place and Lee P’ 3rd.  The novice award medal was won by Andrew P’.

2018 Club champion - Rachel T’

The New Year Shoot was once again dry, but quite cold. Many Castle Bowmen came to shoot this prestigious event in the club calendar. With awards being presented at the annual club dinner they all had to wait to find out who had won the title of Club Champion for the year.

1st place - Rachel T’

2nd Place - Mike Wi’

3rd Place - Wendy W’

2019 club champion - Daniel H’

The Castle Bowmen New Year Shoot was well attended this year, 35 of Castle Bowmen’s finest shot in what is officially the first tournament of the 2019 summer season. It was the highest number of archers shooting since 2011 when the shoot was first devised.

new year shoot 2019 .jpg

As always we announced the results at the club’s annual dinner and made the presentations of various awards, including a trophy for our latest Junior Master Bowman Sarah I’.


for a full list of the results from the New Year Shoot (Final placings are based on Score on the day plus your H/C allowance score added together)

Club Champion Daniel

Club Champion Daniel

Junior Master Bowman Sarah being presented with her trophy

Junior Master Bowman Sarah being presented with her trophy

Castle Bowmen Club Dinner 2018 (held in 2019)

Castle Bowmen Club Dinner 2018 (held in 2019)