Can anyone do archery ?


(minimum age = 8 years old

maximum age = there is no limit )


Do I have to shoot tournaments ?

After a short time of practice, tournaments are a fun way to progress your archery experience, but aren't compulsory


Can I get extra coaching after my beginners course ?

Absolutely. Castle Bowmen have some of the most experienced archers in the country, and they are more than happy to share their knowledge


Do you provide the bows for the beginners course ?

We provide all the equipment for the beginners lessons and offer a bow hire scheme after you join the club until you get your own equipment


When is the Club Christmas dinner ?

We have our annual club Christmas dinner in January... we have our reasons :) 


how often can I shoot ?

In the summer we shoot 4-5 times a week outside, and in the winter a couple of times inside and also outside Sunday mornings