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* October *

Saturday 5th October

Saturday 19th October

SEPTEMBER - Emily C’ gains her Junior Bowman Classification

Improvers for the Month of JUNE …:-

  • Emily C’ gains her 1st class Classification and improves her H/C score

  • Lydia G’ gains her 2nd class Classification

2019 Feb - Emily C’ gains her 2nd Class Outdoor Classification

2019 Jan - Umberto S’ gains his 3rd Class Outdoor Classification

2019 Jan - Theo G’ gains his Archer Classification

May 2019

The Annual Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics was shot this year under beautiful blue skies without a breath of wind to wobble the arrows.

Nearly dozens of junior archers came from clubs far and wide from all over South East Wales to shoot at this unique event in the archery calendar, the only full size 12-dozen tournament specifically for Juniors only.

Val G’, whom the event is named after, was on hand to provide Lady Paramount duties, and Steve C’, as part of his Judge training, provided the extremely competent judging decisions and whistle expertise that we’ve all come to expect from our fine Welsh Archery Judges.

The stars of the tournament though were of course the archers. Castle Bowmen Juniors were in attendance and shot superbly throughout the whole day.

Sarah I’, her last year as a Junior, took Gold in her category, which also gave her a Senior Bowman Classification. Owen C’ and Rachel T’ also took Gold for the Barebows in their age categories. In their first big tournament both Lydia G’ and Emily C’ shot awesomely well against some experienced opposition to take home a Silver and Bronze respectively.

Congratulations to Sarah I’ for gaining her Junior Master Bowman Classification

May 2018 - 


Congratulations to Luke Y' and Heather B' for being presented with their Gold D.of.E Certificates at Buckingham Palace. These are presented to Young People who achieve the Gold Standard of The Duke of Edinburgh's Award. An excellent achievement for both.


Congratulations to Luke Y' for gaining his Bowman Classification


April 2018 - 

Well done to all our Awesome Junior archers who shot our Annual 'Val Goodman' Junior May Metrics tournament. The sun was shining for the whole day and there was none of that pesky wind to spoil the perfect shots.

Some of the best Junior Archers from almost half a dozen clubs from over South Wales joined us to shoot this important event in the Archery calendar. The Castle Bowmen working party worked hard to ensure the whole day ran as smoothly as possible, with Val G' presiding over preceding's in her role as Lady Paramount.

All of our Juniors did extremely well, with all of them winning their categories and taking home shiny Gold trophies. Very well done to Luke Y', Daniel H', Sarah I', Geoffrey C', Rachel T' and Candice L'.

Extra congratulations to Candice for shooting well under pressure, with her opponent matching her arrow for arrow all day and ending with an unprecedented absolutely equal tie after all 144 arrows has been shot, something you rarely see. But it did mean they both went home with a Gold trophy.


April 2018 - 

Sarah I' and Rachel T' both win Gold for their age categories at the Castle Bowmen annual Easter shoot.


November 2017 -

Congratulations to our Junior Club for giving Castle Bowmen 3 more County Champions at the recent Glamorgan Junior Indoor Championships held at a club in the west of Cardiff.

Sarah I’, Rachel T’ and Owen C’ all won their respective age categories to take home all the Gold and titles of Glamorgan County Champions.


August 2017 - 

Congratulations goes to Candice L’ for becoming the clubs first Junior Master Bowman.

She completed her 3rd official classification score in a very wet and windy tournament in Devon, at Exmouth Archers Premier event.

Despite the terrible conditions she came away with 1st place and Gold in her category and also with the all important final score needed to become Master Bowmen.


June 2017 - 

Well done to Candice L’ for winning Gold in her category at the Neath Open Tournament, and also breaking a Glamorgan record.

  • Rachel T’ has gained her Junior Bowman Classification

  • Geoffrey C’ gains his 1st Class Barebow Classification

  • Luke Y’ gains his 2nd Class Barebow Classification


May 2017 - 

The 4th Annual Castle Bowmen ‘Val Goodman’ Junior May Metrics  Tournament was a great success, gaining praise from judges and archers alike. In no small part adding to the day was the excellent sunny weather throughout the whole event and the ultra-efficiency of the Castle Bowmen working party in the running and organising of the day.

The May Metrics tournament is the only one in Wales held annually which is exclusively for Junior archers to shoot a 12 dozen round. This year nearly 2 dozen of Wales’ finest young archers, from nearly 3 counties, travelled to Cardiff to compete.

Castle Bowmen Juniors were out in force and performed flawlessly.

Ryan P’, Luke Y’, Sarah I’, Geoffrey C and Candice L’ ALL shot Seasons and Personal Best’s and all took 1st place in their respective categories and ALL broke the club records for their rounds too.

Candice, shooting in her first tournament also claimed a new Glamorgan County record.  As did Geoffrey, also shooting in his first tournament, claimed not only the county record but also broke the existing Welsh record.

Well done to all.


September 2016-

Congratulations to Sarah I’ for winning Gold at the Junior Welsh Indoor Championships in West Wales, her 2nd Welsh Champion title of the year after winning at the Outdoor Welsh Championships back in the Summer.



Castle Junior Shoot Trophies.jpg

the 'val goodman' Junior May Metrics trophy table