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new badge alpha2.png
  • Advance reminder that Tuesday evening shooting will start on Tuesday 1st May


Improvers for the month... :-

  • Karl C' gains his Bowman Classification for Barebow

  • Stephen D' gets his Archer AND 3rd Class Classification for Barebow

  • ...

  • Karl C' (twice), Mike Bar', Sarah I' and Rachel T' improved their H/C scores



Well done to Karl C' for gaining his Bowman Classification, Only the 2nd Gent Barebow to attain this Classification since 2012.



Castle Bowmen's AGM was well attended and lots of important club business was discussed. The new committee, charged with the smooth running of the club, were sworn in and a full review of the year was given by Rick S', the Chairman. Before during and after the official proceedings the members who attended enjoyed a lovely buffet arranged by Steve C'. This was also the official unveiling of the club's new look website (the one you're looking at now). Rick also wished everyone good shooting in the year to come.



Castle Bowmen's Annual Easter Sunday Double WA70m Tournament was enjoyed by all the competitors who braved the dry, slightly muddy and rather cold conditions.

Excellent shooting, exciting Head-to-Head style tie breaks to decide who got the chocolate spot prize and lots of fun chocolatey prizes throughout the shoot contributed to a good day for all. The Castle Bowmen working party were as awesome as always, setting up and packing away the tournament field with great efficiency. 

At the end of the day many of our archers took away many of the prizes. 

Our Lady Paramount for the day Caroline P' also took away the top prize for the Lady Barebows, with Kathy C' taking the 2nd place prize egg. Karl C' for the Gent Barebows also ended top with Andrew P' taking the Silver. Sarah I' and Rachel T' both took the top easter egg prize in their Barebow age categories.

Michelle W' came 1st in the Lady Recurve category with Wendy W' coming 2nd, and in the Gent Recurves Mike Wo' also took 2nd prize.

For the Gent Longbows Alan G' took home the silver position prize too.

Extra Chocolate prizes were also won by Steve C, Michelle W', Shaun T', Rachel T', Mike Wo', Karl C', Kathy C' & Andrew P'



Improvers for the month… :-

  • Karl C’ gains his ‘E’ Classification

  • Betty N’, Doug N’, Mark H’ and Daniel H’ gain their Indoor ‘F’  Classifications

  • Paul L’ gains his ‘G’ Indoor Classification

  • Rick S' gains his 'H' Indoor Classification for BAREBOW

  • Michelle W', Stephen D', Andrew P' & Peter W improve their H/C scores



The indoor shooting winter season has now effectively ended. So now we look forward to Outdoor shooting at the field. The first Weekday session will be on Wednesday 4th April, with sessions also on Friday Evenings and the usual Sunday Morning. These will carry on until the end of September.



Latest update from the Winter Postal Leagues:-

Portsmouth League Team A is currently #1 in their division. Mike Wo' has been the highest scoring Gent for November, December and January in the whole division.

Portsmouth League Team B is also currently #1 in their division.  Kathy C' has been the highest scoring Lady for November and January in the whole division.

Frostbite League Team A, Team C & Junior Team are all currently 2nd in the division with Team B and Team D are both 3rd in their divisions.

For Team A - Mike Wo' was the highest scoring Gent for November and January.

For Team B - Kathy C' was the highest scoring Lady for November

For Team C - Caz' P' was the highest scoring Lady for November & January with RIck S' the highest scoring Gent for November and Alan G' the highest Gent for January.

For Team D - Kathy C' was the highest scoring Lady for January

Junior Team - Sarah I' was the highest scoring Lady for November and Luke Y' the highest scoring Gent for January



In one of the final tournaments of this Indoor Season Kathy C’ and Andrew P’ travelled to a little competition in the far West of Cardiff to see if they could bring home the Gold and the Glory for Castle Bowmen.

A fun but challenging day was ahead of them, full of interesting opponents, sheep, questionable toilets, bacon rolls and talk of dragons.

At the end of the day they both , of course , prevailed to take away the treasures.

Kathy took Gold for the Lady Barebows and almost claims her Red Dragon achievement Badge (1 point off).

Andrew claims his Red Dragon badge, takes the Gold for the Gent Barebows and shoots a magnificent PB (Personal Best score). So congratulations all round for some awesome shooting.



“Neither snow, nor rain, nor gloom of night stays the courageous from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”…..Herodotus - 500 b.c

 Castle Snowmen 2018

Castle Snowmen 2018


Improvers for the month… :-

  • Michelle W’ gains her ‘C’ Indoor Classification for Recurve

  • Daniel H’ gains his Indoor ‘G’ Recurve Classification

  • Mike Bar’, Andrew P’, Caroline P’ and Michelle W’ improve their H/C scores



Castle Bowmen  (Club of Champions) once again hosted the Glamorgan County Indoor Championships for the 12th consecutive year, and as always the whole day was a great success.  

It was enjoyed by Archers, spectators and judges alike, earning the club much praise.

“Thanks for a great shoot” Nick -Cambria Bowmen    

“Surprisingly Enjoyable” Mike - Castle Bowmen    

“ It was a pleasure..” Griff - Judge

“ Thanks for everything today “ Paul - Judge

“ Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot “ Matthew - Pentref Bowmen .

The super efficient Castle Bowmen working party helped ensure the whole event ran as smoothly as possible, and the Awesome Castle Bowmen archers ensured we picked up a few medals at the same time.

Caroline P’, Kathy C’, Michelle W’, Sarah I’, Mike Wo’, Mike Bar’, Andrew P’, Rick S’, Dave M’ and Alan G’ all did an excellent job of helping to run the shoot and also Shoot the shoot too. With Steve C’ and his excellent catering team providing refreshments to all the hungry competitors.

At the end of the long competitive day both Castle Bowmen’s Barebow team (Caroline, Kathy & Andrew) and  Recurve team (Michelle, Mike & Mike) did very well to both come in 2nd place.

Michelle W’ came in 2nd place for the Lady Recurves and took away a Silver medal.

Kathy C’, for the Lady Barebows, (also performing the Lady Paramount duties for the tournament) took home the Bronze medal after finishing in 3rd place.

But the biggest congratulations of the day must go to Caroline P’ for coming in 1st place to win the Gold and Trophy to become Castle Bowmen’s latest County Champion.


 Castle Bowmen Glamorgan Lady Barebow Champion 2018 Caz with Kathy who won it in 2017

Castle Bowmen Glamorgan Lady Barebow Champion 2018 Caz with Kathy who won it in 2017


Improvers for the month… :-

  • Mike Bar’ gains his Indoor ‘D’ Classification

  • Peter W’ & Shaun T’ gain their Indoor ‘E’ Classification

  • Alzbeta S’ gains her ‘F’ Indoor Classification

  • Rachel T’ and Stephen D’ gain their Indoor ‘G’ Classifications

  • Kathy C’, Stephen D’, Sarah D’ and Sarah I’ improved on their H/C Scores


In the greatest traditions of the greatest explorers Castle Bowmen had a busy weekend, travelling to the East like Marco Polo along the silk road and West like Christopher Columbus to the New World. All in search of Gold, treasures, meeting new people and bringing back great riches and glory.

And much like the explorers of old they came back with tales of great victories, arduous struggles and interesting exotic smelling foreign goods.

Rick S’, Kathy C’ and Andrew P’ indeed travelled East along the trade route known as M4 and competed in the mighty Llantarnam Double Portsmouth Tournament against the most fearsome of foes. The day was long but some success was gained by our awesome archers; they won some excellent raffle prizes in the form of fluffy slippers and a candle which has a delicate aroma that has been described as “not nice”.

The day was won however by Kathy for the Lady Barebows who won the highest prize of a Gold medal, and overall everyone enjoyed the day.

To the West Mike Wo’ was forging new ground and meeting new peoples by competing in RJD Archers very first indoor tournament, a UK record Status WA18m round.

In a slightly competitive competition against adversaries familiar and unknown Mike prevailed and ended the day victoriously taking away the Gold prize, as well as some nice Welsh Cakes.



Latest News from the Winter Postal Leagues :-

   After the first round in both the Postal Leagues (Frostbite & Portsmouth) we had four of our teams in first place positions in their respective divisions.

For the Frostbite League in November, in the whole of the Uk wide tournament :-

Mike Wo’ was the Overall highest scoring Gent in Team A’s division,

Kathy C’ was the Overall highest scoring Lady in Team B’s division,

In Teams C’s division Rick S’ was the highest scoring Gent and Caz’ P’ the highest scoring Lady in the whole division,

In Team D’ Alan H’ was the highest scoring Gent in the whole division,

For the Junior Team Sarah I’ was the highest scoring Lady in their Whole Division for November.


For the Portsmouth Postal League :-

In November Mike Wo’ was the highest scoring Gent in the whole of Team A’s division

& Kathy C’ was the highest scoring Lady in the whole of Team B’s division.



Castle Bowmen archers started the year in good form at the Welsh Indoor Championships held at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff.

Kathy C’, Sarah I’, Andew P’ and Mike Wo’ were all in attendance for one of the most prestigious shoots on the Indoor season calendar.

All shot very well (obviously) at this highly competitive tournament with Andrew scoring a PB (Personal Best score) and Kathy taking home the Bronze medal for the Lady Barebows. Kathy was also presented with her medal from the Welsh Archery Association Chairman for finishing top of her category in the Welsh Rankings last year.


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