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All Six Summer 2019 courses successfully completed


Winter Course #1 - 6th/13th/20th October 2019

Winter Course #2 - 3rd/10th/17th November 2019

Winter Course #3 - 1st/8th/15th December 2019

Winter Course #4 - 19th/26th Jan / 9th Feb 2020

Winter Course #5 - 8th/15th/22nd March 2020


Summer Course #1 - April 2020-

Summer Course #2 - May 2020-

Summer Course #3 - June 2020-

Summer Course #4 - July 2020-

Summer Course #5 - August 2020-


Full Information for Beginners

Whether you are a complete novice, or someone that has tried archery but received no formal training; prior to joining any archery club, you must undertake a Beginners Course.  Castle Bowmen delivers about 10 courses per year.

Our course fee is £38.00 per person and the structure is as follows:

  • Week 1: Lessons 1 & 2  (Approx’ 2 hrs) - Full Safety & Equipment instructions. Shooting Barebow style (without sights).

  • Week 2: Lessons 3 & 4  (Approx’ 2 hrs) - Safety recap, Shooting Recurve style (with a sight). Archery Etiquette

  • Week 3: Lessons 5 & 6  (Approx’ 2 hrs) - Safety recap, Scoring, rules & mini-tournament

We provide all the equipment, so you don't have to bring anything along except yourself.  

  •  You'll be taught by ArcheryGB qualified coaches in all aspects of archery. (ArcheryGB is the national governing body for Archery)

  •  The structured course covers all the safety aspects of archery and basic techniques to get you started in this fun and addictive Sport.   

  •  After finishing the course you'll receive a certificate to take home showing you've completed an archery course with Castle Bowmen  

  •  We can also help you decide which equipment would be best for you if you choose to continue and join the club.


Our Coaches & Experienced Archers will be happy to answer any questions about Archery so don’t be afraid to ask as you have your lessons.

If you would like to reserve a space on our Archery Beginners course, just contact us as detailed above and we'll do our best to get you on the course you request.


During the outdoor season (April to September) we teach our courses at Heath Park on Wednesday evenings from 18:00 onwards.

Throughout the indoor season (October to March) courses take place on Sunday afternoons from 15:30 at St David’s College in Pen-y-lan.


Our courses are for all ages however we would not normally consider children under 8 years old as their bones are still physically developing. We may however allow then a single have-a-go session at the discretion of the coaching team but a full course is advised against by ArcheryGB.


Once you have completed the Beginners Course and decided to join the club, we may be able to loan you some equipment while you decide which bow to buy. (subject to availability)



For up to date availability of courses, more information, questions or to book a place, please e-mail our Beginners Coordinator Andrew at: